The entertainment industry needed a tool that made travel authorizations for productions very easy and simple. For example, if Julia Roberts was shooting a few scenes for a movie in NY and the production was going to pay for her flight, car rental and hotel, all of those items need to be approved by different levels of the production.

While doing research, I realized there was no standard travel auth process in the industry and the main existing process was Excel/Word and email based. I continued to conduct research with different personas from all aspects of the process, from the people on the productions who actually create the travel auths, to the Executives in the studios who need to approve. From that, I designed prototypes and validated those designs with the end-users. 

The result was an easy to use, streamlined web application where productions and studios can digitally create and approve travel authorizations, complete with notification emails and visual workflows.




Entertainment Partners, SmartTravel


Research, UX and Interaction design