Unified Shopping Cart

Via Benefits is a company that helps participants enroll in Medicare and Healthcare insurance plans through their online Marketplace. The company currently has three platforms to fulfill these services. In order to streamline user experience and maintain only one codebase, there was a large company initiative to merge these three experiences into one. This was done via creating multiple micro frontends that would be reused for each platform. One of these micro frontends was the Unified Shopping Cart. 

The three platforms include a PC desktop application, which thousands of Customer Service agents use daily to help enrollees, and a Medicare website and Individual Family Plan website which are both used by the general public and client employees. The shopping carts of all of these platforms were redesigned into one modern responsive React application, which used components from our Design System. 

I initially spent time to understand all three carts thoroughly, creating a list of features from each cart which I used as a baseline UX Requirements list. I also documented all the different personas and identified the different workflows. From that, I created low-fidelity annotated wireframes which I used to conduct research with Customer Service agents and the general public. Along the way I also spoke with Operations stakeholders in upper management to validate these features. From low fidelity wireframes, I then moved into high fidelity visual designs where I utilized our Design System and components. 

This unified shopping cart went live September 2020.




Via Benefits, Extend Health, Willis Towers Watson


UX Designer and Researcher